Queensland International Wine Tourism Strategy

International wine tourism attraction strategy plans to reveal Queensland’s best kept secrets.


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Small wineries in Queensland (up to 2,000 tonnes) are invited to join WFA under a joint membership arrangement with Queensland Wine Industry Association.  These members will be in the Australian Wine Producers Small Winemaker membership category. Joint members will receive a $165 discount on their WFA membership levy (as above) plus the QWIA levy.


Queensland Wine

Queensland’s wine industry is one of the State’s best keep secrets, and like all good wines it has developed with age. Today, Queensland wine is renowned for producing enticing ‘wildcard’ wines across a handful of uniquely stunning wine regions.

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The history of the Queensland wine industry dates back to the 1860’s – and like all good wines it has developed with age. The Queensland Wine Industry Association (QWIA) is the representative body across the diverse Queensland regions.

The Queensland wine industry has grown significantly over the years to cover approximately 1500 hectares throughout the State. The majority of this growth has occurred during the past 10 years with significant plantings throughout the southeast corner of the State.

With over 1500 hectares of vines and a new generation of talented people guiding production, the creation of quality Queensland wines has had wide acceptance nationally and internationally. As wine tourism gathers momentum, the burgeoning industry has seen more trail blazers emerge and cellar doors open. It’s easy to lose count of the number of passionate vignerons and their families who warmly welcome visitors to experience the fruits of their labours. In recent times vignerons have gone beyond the traditional varieties of Chardonnay, Semillon, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot and have passionately embraced the alternative varieties such as Tempranillo, Viognier and many others.

Queensland has two recognised Geographical Indicies (GI) – The Granite Belt and The South Burnett. This is currently where the majority of Queensland fruit is grown.

These GI’s represent two different climates and soil conditions, and producing quite different wines. The Granite Belt is classed as cool climate region, with snow fall recorded in recent years. The soil is eroded granite boulders and features very little clay. On the other hand, the South Burnett is a warm, inland region with rich loam and clay soils.


Wine Regions

We love our Queensland wine and stand proudly by all our producers. Did you know that the majority of our industry is made up of small businesses? Family businesses who have a passion for their product and can tell you the story behind each of their wines. Show your support of our vibrant industry by asking to try the local, visit one of the many cellar doors (here on your doorstep), and talk to the people that have made the wine!


Featured Wineries

Amongst the pockets of gold scattered throughout Queensland wineries, exist a number of particularly famous wineries. To  experience Queensland wine at its best, be sure to visit these wineries while on your wine tour.

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