Ridgemill Estate Hungry Horse MTG 2012

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Ridgemill Estate Hungry Horse MTG 2012The Hungry Horse story is an interesting one. Let’s just say it involves a bludging relief teacher and a problem solving task set to kill time. We’ve all had those relief teachers, let’s face it.  Funnily enough, this was an interesting lesson from winemaker Peter McGlashan’s school days which has stuck for whatever reason.But what about the wine? A blend of Mourvedre, Tempranillo and Grenache all contributing 33% each, the wine was made with the specific intention to be food friendly and was based on some Spanish styles. The objective has certainly been achieved.

Medium to full bodied, there’s an underlying granite minerality to the fruit. A savoury spice jumps from the glass followed by some cherries, mulberry and plum fruit. Some cheeky spice raises its head again chiming in on the finish.

I’m thinking salami pizza or chorizo to match. Even bangers and mash.

A very good wine which I’d happily drink glasses of (I couldn’t stop filling it up). Drop the price a notch or two and it would become even more attractive.

Region: Granite Belt
RRP: $28

Review by Qwine  June 2014
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Symphony Hill Family Reserve Verdelho 2013

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A whiff of this and I’m picturing palms, pools and sunshine. Very tropical and the pineapple and passion fruit on Symphony Hill Family Reserve Verdelho 2013offer confirms that.Deliciously fresh with the spice character Verdelho brings with it washing through to the end. I certainly enjoyed it.The back label says, “…best enjoyed lazing in a hammock overlooking the ocean whilst being fed prawns by your lover.” Fair enough. Best I head out and get a hammock.

Who: Symphony Hill Wines
What: Verdelho (13% alc)
Where: Granite Belt
When: 2013
How: $25


Review by Qwine  March 2014
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Twisted Gum Shiraz 2012

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Twisted Gum Shiraz 2012Coming from a small vineyard which is all hands on, thick mulch is distributed under vines, minimal herbicide used and zero pesticides are applied. The vines are dry grown which is unique from most vineyards in the Granite Belt region. Only 1900 bottles were produced.Winemaker Andy Williams take a bow. Juicy red berries and dark cherry fruit cut loose delivering sexy complexity and supple length that just won’t go away. Wade through it some more and find a dash of granite minerality hovering in the background.Available online and at the cellar door.


Region: Granite Belt
RRP: $30
Source: Cellar door tasting


Review by Qwine October 11,2014
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Golden Grove Vermentino 2014

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Golden Grove Vermentino 2014Here’s another textural delight from Ray Costanzo.Small white flowers and citrus aromas spill from the glass. There’s a sprinkle of spice with a wash of lemon juice at the death, but that lingering textural thing Ray has perfected with some of his white wines sits pretty well. Many Vermentinos wipe the slate clean at the finish but this just loiters with intent. Partial barrel ferment the key here.Whatever Ray is doing with this variety,  I hope he doesn’t change it.

Very good.

Region: Granite Belt
RRP: $26

Review by Qwine  November 27, 2014
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Tobin Wines Max Shiraz Block One 2013

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Tobin Wines Max Shiraz Block One 2013Adrian Tobin is a passionate and driven individual who takes considerable pride in his vineyard and the wines he produces. At 75 years of age, his enthusiasm is infectious.All of his wines are named after his grandchildren, and of the 14 wines on his list, half are already sold out. The wines are single varietals produced in small batches and no blending takes place. “We pick, crush and ferment without manipulating anything,” he says.In the glass, the aromas from this Shiraz suggest it is a dense wine. Not the case. A lovely expression of cool climate Shiraz is highlighted by dark fruits, chocolate, a vanilla kick and a spice punch on the finish. Elegant describes the delivery best.

I bought one for the cellar to revisit in a few years.

Very good.

Region: Granite Belt
RRP: $45

Review by Qwine  November 11, 2014

Golden Grove Durif 2013

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Golden Grove Durif 2013You could pass this off as a savoury Grenache. Damn its tasty. Durif is often seen is a big and gutsy wine, but that’s not the case here.Dangerously approachable, it’s a far cry from the 15% plus alcohol blockbusters coming from Rutherglen.There’s plenty going on. Tar, lead pencil, mulberry and raspberry fruits, black pepper, black garden soil, and dried savoury herbs. A little perky acid rides the fruit to give good balance.A medium term cellaring option but is drinking well now.

Very good to excellent.

Region: Granite Belt
RRP: $30

Review by Qwine  December12, 2014
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Clovely Estate Il Taglio Mediterranean Blend 2013

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Il tagglioThere’s a bit of change going on at Clovely Estate. Former winemaker and CEO Luke Fitzpatrick has moved on and taking his place is Sarah Boyce and Stefano Radici. The change doesn’t stop there with the label and logo getting a little shake up here, and I like it!

A blend of the Mediterranean varieties grown, this is a fruit salad of sorts, but a lot of fun and most importantly, tasty booze.

Shiraz (36%), Nebbiolo (34%), Grenache (14%), Barbera (6%), Sangiovese (6%) and Mourverdre (3%) make the starting line up. I’m sure blending this wine would have been an interesting experience.

The wine itself is attractive leaving you with much to ponder. Red flowers, earth, lead pencil shavings, strawberries and savoury herbs add to a flavoursome landscape. A fine dusting of black pepper runs through stealthily.

and pasta would be perfect partners, although the back label suggests pecorino cheese, charcuterie


It’s not a wine that will win a lot of medals, but will surely win a lot of hearts purely because it is so approachable. Pizza and pasta would be perfect partners, although the back label suggests pecorino cheese, charcuterie or osso bucco. Whatever the food choice, you’ll be sure to be grinning.

A have now type, I’d go back for more of this simply for its approachability. Tick!

Region: South Burnett
RRP: $22
Source: Sample

Review by Qwine      Follow  @Qwine


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 A Sardinian variety that perfectly reflects the heritage of Golden Grove Estate.

Winemaker’s Comments (Ray Costanzo):The nose is awash with fresh pear, citrus and a floral background. The palate is a delicate blend of citrus and fresh fruit wrapped neatly around a mineral acid backbone and further enriched through the use of wild barrel fermentation.

Reviewer’s comments (Andrew Corrigan MW): Aromas of fresh lemon pudding are followed by a taste that is light dry and fresh but with pleasing weight. Will match well to complex flavoured light foods such as marinara and barbecued dishes.   



Trophy- Best Qld Gold Medal Winning Wine 2012 Royal Queensland Wine Show Gold (96 points): 2012 Royal Queensland Wine Show

Trophy – Best Dry White Blend or Other Varieties 2012 Cowra Wine show Gold (Top of class) – 2012 Cowra Wine Show

Gold: 2012 Queensland Wine Awards

Review Andrew Corrigan MW  September 2012

August 2012 Review – Andrew Corrigan MW

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Ballandean Estate SSB 2012  Lively aromas of nettles and nectarine with tingling fresh taste. Serve chilled before meals or with light fresh seafood dishes such as calamari.

Golden Grove Vermentino 2012  Aromas of fresh lemon pudding are followed by a taste that is light dry and fresh but with pleasing weight. Will match well to complex flavoured light foods such as marinara and barbecued dishes.

Robert Channon Singing Lake Verdelho 2012  Citrus and passionfruit aromas with a full bodied taste with long texture. The back palate has a grippy dimension that will team well with bigger food flavours such as sardines and Mediterranean seafood flavours .

Clovely Estate Barbera 2010  Dark cherry aroma and medium bodied silky palate with a pleasing amount of savoury tartness. A refreshing lighter red that will team well with pasta and Italian foods. Will develop over the next two years.

Ridgemill Estate Cabernet Malbec Merlot 2009  Rhubarb and dark fruit aroma with full bodied flavour; a robust style to match full flavoured meat dishes.

Crane Cabernet Shiraz 2010  Rich port like aromas with very full bodied taste; will accompany roasted meats and game dishes.